Thu, Oct

Let’s keep our breaths fresh


tree-plantingOn the occasion of solar New Year which is also known as the first day of spring season, Swedish committee for Afghanistan conducted Planting Event for its staff in Kabul Management Office. During the event 24 trees were planted inside SCA office.

The event was aiming to raise awareness among staff about environmental issues and benefits of planting in our surrounding environment.

Event included live performance by Mobile Mini Circus for Children team, to raise awareness on the importance of keeping Green and planting trees. The team also sang an inspirational song on environment.

The event was followed by awareness sessions on fresh breath by Zemarai Saqeb and Importance of keeping green by Tahir Khalil.

SCA staff participated in planting and irrigating trees for 45 minutes, outdoor.

Go Clean Keep Green campaign started in August 2014 aiming to raise awareness among SCA staff on environmental issues, and to help SCA staff as a citizen of this country to have a positive impact on their society, as well as to provide a healthy and professional working atmosphere inside the organization.