Tue, Oct

Elite Forces in Baghlan


collaborative-checkpost-1Daily thousands of vehicles pass by a checkpoint on a highway of Bogabai, which links north and south of Baghlan province. The checkpoint is in good hands of joint Afghan National Army (ANA) and Afghan National Police (ANP) forces. Besides controlling and maintaining the security around the area, they prevent all the illegal trafficking going through.

Private Rohollah is guarding on the other side of the road, where he has good overview to the checkpoint and its surroundings. He monitors the area so that his colleagues can do their job without dangerous distractions. He feels also a great responsibility to defend innocent inhabitants from all the violence, crimes and other harmful activity.

“Children call me Commander, because I’m protecting this area by keeping the bad guys away. I’m glad to be a servant of peace,” Private Rohollah said.

Private Rohollah serves in 1th battalion, 4th company of Shaheen Corps based in Kela-e-Gai, 24 kilometers from Pul-e Khumri, capital of Baghlan province. Another brave ANA soldier of this battalion is Sergeant Mohammad Sharif. According to his experience modern ANSF can’t be defeated, and as the number of ANSF troops is increasing all the time, every corner of Afghanistan will be covered by professional soldiers. check-post-security

“Our task is to execute endless effort to maintain security, defend enemies, detain smugglers, defuse all disruptive risks and enroll law,” Sergeant Mohammad Sharif listed.

Staring from this solar year until now the security forces of Kela-Gai -base defused 18 road side mines, seized 16 AKF47, detained 5 pistols, confiscated several tons of ammunitions, arrested 14 militants from the battle field and launched over 70 different kinds of checkpoints in different locations around Baghlan province.