Sun, Oct

Provinces being authorised to spend budget



The Independent Directorate of Local Governance (IDLG) on Wednesday said provinces would be transferred the authority to spend budget soon in order to empower local governance.

Planning and technical affairs official at IDLG, Farid Mamondzai, told this at the last day of a three-day conference organized by the directorate’s Support for Provincial Administration and Delivery (SPAD) programme in Kabul.
Mamondzai said the government had the political will to empower local governance, the IDLG said in a statement.
The new government leadership had promised that provinces would be authorised to directly spend 40 percent of the national budget, a pledge Mamondzai said the government would soon implement.
He said streamlining the system of preparing and planning budget at local government level remained the unity government’s top priority and practical steps in this regard would be initiated soon.
Participants of the three-day conference also recommended draft reforms to the government in the financial, budget and planning sector.
They believed transferring the authority of spending budget to provinces would not only strengthen local governance but would also ensure transparency in the delivery of services  and increasing people’s trust in the government.
“Local government officials see the transfer of budget spending authority as beneficial as they believe it will ensure balanced development on local level,” the IDLG statement said.