Mon, Oct

Building tangible peace govt top priority: Abdullah


ceo-abdullahChief Executive Officer (CEO) Abdullah Abdullah on Monday reassured the nation that the government would leave no stone unturned to build tangible peace and fight insurgency.

Speaking at a cabinet meeting, Abdullah said security forces had major achievements last week including regaining Nawa district in southern Ghazni province from Taliban. The district, he said, was turned into a major hub of training for insurgents and storing weapons and ammunitions.

“Recapturing Nawa is a blow to enemies of peace who had invested in the district for years.

Dozens of suicide and other attacks were being directed from this terror hub,” he said, adding some other areas had also been purged of insurgents.

The unity government, Abdullah said, had sabotage the enemy’s dreams to stage a comeback to power this year. He added in case the government requested support from international forces they would regularly take part in operations.

NATO’s 13-year mission in Afghanistan came to an end on January 1.

The alliance embarked on the new “Resolute Support” mission aimed at training, advising and equipping Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF). The international community was committed to assist ANSF with $4 billion annually, Abdullah concluded.