Thu, Oct

President stresses meritocracy at MoFA


president-ghani-6President Ashraf Ghani said on Tuesday the country’s foreign policy should not be confined to a few individuals and those involved in the area should be familiar with foreign politics.

The president, who chaired a meeting attended by Foreign Minister Salahuddin Rabbani and his ministry senior officials at the Presidential Palace, listened to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA)’s first 100-day plan, a statement from the palace said.

The 100-day plan calls for fundamental reforms in the Foreign Ministry’s human resources, general diplomacy, economic development, security, cultural and training affairs.

The plan covers strengthening contacts with countries and international organizations, regional cooperation, rights of citizens and refugees, human rights and women’s international affairs. The president hailed the plan and stressed meritocracy at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

“Our government believes in equality..no Afghan is superior or inferior and this should become a culture in Afghanistan diplomatic representation in foreign countries.” He said Afghanistan missions abroad should serve people as their servants and stressed the need for assessing the capacity of Foreign Ministry officials.

He said affairs of some Afghan embassies needed basic reforms. The president said foreign policy was actually internal policy meaning that foreign policy should not be confined to a few individuals.

He said those involved in spearheading foreign policy should be familiar with internal policies and the cabinet members and provincial governors should be aware of the country’s foreign policy.

Ghani said the country’s foreign policy constituted the national interest and an active foreign policy could result in bringing peace and stability.

The president also said Afghan refugees aboard, particularly in Pakistan and Iran, should be extended support in addressing their problems. He said the rights of Afghan workers in Arab countries should be safeguarded and they should be facilitated in finding jobs.