Sat, Oct

Minister Nasir Ahmad Durrani Signs Contracts for 45 Projects



The contracts for 45 development projects of the Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development were signed today by H.E. Minister Durrani with 40 Community Development Councils (CDCs). As per the contracts, 36 flood destroyed projects will be rehabilitated in the agriculture sectore including water-intakes, retaining and protection walls, irrigation channels and rural roads.

These projects will be rehabilitated in the provinces of Samangan, Balkh, Baghlan, Badakhshan, Kunar and Laghman. The rest nine projects are new projects which will be constructed in the provinces mentioned above. Totally, 23840 households will benefit these development projects.

These projects will be implemented at a sum of AFN 140062291, with the financial support of Asian Development Bank and Japan.

Addressing at the signing ceremony Minister Durrani said, "Reforms in the organizational structure, consolidation of national programs, implementation of development projects, struggle with administrative corruption and fundraising through meeting with representatives of foriegn countries and organizations were the functions carried out by the MRRD as of three and half months.

Untill, upcoming Monday a single administration will manage the national programs." Also Minister Durrani shed light on the development projects which have recently been launched in the rural communities of the country, he urged the cooperation of CDCs for the implementation of high quality projects on a timely manner. "Taking into consideration the transparency and right of public to information about the procedures of contracts, the MRRD has spared no efforts to release its contracts and other activities through Media and MRRD's website." Minister Durrani stated.

Recently, 900 development projects were destroyed across the country due to flash floods, of which 36 projects will be rehabilitated through the contracts signed today. The Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development is determined to rebuild the rest destroyed projects in a period of upcoming 18 months. "The water-intake project of our village was destroyed by flash floods last year.

As a result the agricultural lands remain uncultivated. Later on, the MRRD pleged the people to rehabilitate the water intake project. Fortunately, the MRRD signed the contract for rehabilitation of that project today, worth of AFN 4793827 including 10% community contribution," said Mohammad Qasim, CDC head from Baghlan province.