Thu, Oct

All ministries should win people’s trust: Ghani



President Ashraf Ghani on Tuesday said the national unity government was formed as a result of the nation’s genuine vote and it was time for the government to respond with great respect to the nation’s trust.

Talking to ministers on the occasion of launching their ministries 100-day plans, Ghani said each ministry had prepared its 100-day plan and should implement its programs honestly. He said the performance of each ministry would be evaluated by the media, civil society and ulema after each 25 days and each ministry would be given marks in line with its performance. “We are focusing on 100-day plans because the nation will know the government has clear plans. We are making short-term plans in order to get them done and strengthen people’s trust,” Ghani said. He said the plans were clear and each ministry should provide detailed information about what they had done to the nation and the relevant organs. The ministries should reform themselves so that the people could trust them, the president continued. After completion of the first 100-day plans, more similar plans would be devised for ministries, he said, adding that provincial governors would not be fully involved in implementation of the first plans because ministers had to show their performance. But the future 100-day plans would be implemented in coordination with governors, Ghani said, explaining the next period would focus on reforms and a deep review of judicial organs. Ghani said he and all the ministers were responsible to fulfill their responsibilities toward the nation, who proudly took part in the election process. “It is time for the cabinet to make people’s dreams come true,” he said. “The nation fully trusted us and the national unity government was the result of their votes, the government cannot repay all the dept to the nation at once but in installments,” he said. He said some big projects which had been stalled would be resumed. Ghani said evaluation of the government was specially paid attention in joint meetings with Second Vice-president, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), ministers of justice, economy, finance and others.