Tue, Oct

US-Afghan ties not confined to security: McKinley


mckinleyUS Ambassador Michael McKinley on Monday said Afghanistan faced many challenges and his country stood by the war-torn country to work for its security and stability.

The US envoy was speaking at a ceremony marking the 239th Independency Day of the United States of America in Kabul.

He said all military responsibilities had shifted from the US and NATO forces to Afghan forces and the US had entered a new phase of supporting Afghanistan. He said the US was committed to training Afghan security forces on a long-term basis to help improve the security situation in Afghanistan.

“Our partnership and cooperation is strong, President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani has also confirmed that the partnership and cooperation between the two countries has improved after the US entered its new phase to support Afghanistan,” he said.

McKinley added Washington would also support the new Afghan ministers in implementing their 100-day plans as well as the national unity government in fighting corruption and enforcing laws.

The ambassador said the United States would continue to hel Afghanistan further improve its health services and education facilities for better future of Afghan generations.

As an example, he said, the US had doubled higher education scholarships for Afghan students.

Afghanistan faced several challenges including terrorism and Taliban insurgency that had widely affected Afghan people, he said, but added relations between the US and Afghanistan were not confined to security issues only.

“Our message about these challenges is clear that the American people are proud to stand by the Afghans in their country development, peace and economic stability,”