Thu, Oct

Kabul Garrison Commander Selected


kabul-garrisonTop security officials gathered in Kabul on Monday to name the new General Commander of the Kabul Garrison, General Abdul Rahman Rahman, who will have the authority to coordinate operations between the Afghan army, police and intelligence service.

Security officials from Ministry of Defense (MoD), Ministry of Interior (MoI), civilian leaders and a number of religious scholars participated in the ceremony.

"The performance of the Garrison Commander of Kabul will be successful, as we know that he is a professional person; in the past, he served as the Kabul Police Commander and Deputy Minister of Interior for Security Affairs," acting minister of defense Masoom Stanekzai said regarding General Rahman.

The acting minister went on to discuss security challenges, saying that Afghanistan continues to face an "undeclared war," one in which the doors to peace are open to militants, but still they continue to shed their countrymen's blood.

"Although the doors to peace are open to the anti-government armed groups, you can still see that parts of the country are attacked by them," Stanekzai said. "Wherever our security forces are, they will firmly defend their ground."

Other officials spoke as well, including Deputy Minister of Interior for Security Affairs Ayoub Salangi. "The enemy that is after us does not have mercy on the police, army, local people and even our international friends," he said. "The people must cooperate with police and security forces in order to maintain security of Kabul and other provinces."

Finally, at the end of the ceremony, the new Kabul Garrison Commander, Abdul Rahman, discussed plans for his office. "We will effectively perform all the duties, but security is not a one way road - all the people, civil institutions, religious scholars, media and other sectors must cooperate," he said.

The Kabul Garrison position was created based on a decision by the Council of Ministers. The Kabul Police Commander will serve as the Garrison General's deputy.