Tue, Oct

Efforts on to print ballot papers at home: Ghani


ballot-paperPresident Mohammad Ashraf Ghani has said government is all ready to invest in domestic printing houses aimed at printing ballot papers inside the country.

The meeting with officials of electoral panels held on Friday at Presidential Palace, a statement said.

Officials of both electoral panels presented their suggestions regarding parliamentary and district council elections, reassessing of polling stations, hiring permanent staff at the commissions and preparing voters’ list.

Regarding reforms in election commissions, Ghani said, the panels should hold meetings with different groups and organizations to regain people’s trust. The commission should also start a discourse on how to appoint top officials and professional individuals.

Ghani stressed talks should also be held with legal and judicial organs in order to reduce misuse the positions by the commission’s officials.

He added both the commissions should send their delegations to India in order to learn from the experience of New Delhi in the elections process.

Regarding date for elections, he added, an appropriate time should be chosen so that pressure on security forces be reduced.

Ghani said the government was prepared to invest on domestic printing houses to facilitate printing of ballot papers inside the country.

It would prove both financially beneficial for the country and would boost domestic printing houses as well.

He insisted that the unity government was committed to bring electoral reforms.