Thu, Oct

UN Secretary-General’s Deputy Special Representative for Afghanistan supports AMPRAC


mom-and-un-meetingThe Minister of Mines and Petroleum His Excellency Dr. Daud Shah Saba recently had a meeting with Mark Bowden, the United Nations Secretary-General’s Deputy Special Representative for Afghanistan.

At the meeting, they discussed how the United Nations Development Program (UNDP).could support the Afghanistan Minerals and Petroleum Resources Advisory Council (AMPRAC)

They emphasized on legal context, and the necessity for new mineral regulations, and observance of safety and environmental measures in mining of Afghanistan as well.

“In order to manage properly the mineral resources of Afghanistan, AMPRAC has strong support of the Afghan Government, and we will progress a law reform plan and write new procedures, ” Dr. Saba said.

Referring to the value of the people support in preserving the country's natural resources Dr. Saba said that people from all parts of the community participate in the Council.

Mark Bowden appreciated the leadership of MoMP for conducting the first session of AMPRAC and said this council is a step toward creating transparency in the extractive industries of Afghanistan.

“Before long, I will hold a meeting with the authorities of UNDP to agree on the creation of mutual cooperation with MoMP, and I will inform the MoMP of the outcome,” Mr. Bowden added

AMPRAC with the presence of a huge number of national and international experts began its work last week.