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More commandos to serve the nation


commando-1Afghan Defence and Security Forces boasted their grip on maintaining security and stability in the country when 900 strong commando graduates joined. General Murad Ali Murad, the ANA previous deputy chief of staff, government dignitaries and representatives from the International Community, attended the graduation ceremony at the Afghan National Army Commandos School and Special Operations Command on May 20th.

In an elaborate message, Gen. Murad Ali warned the enemies of peace that the Afghan forces are strengthening by the day. “The enemies of peace are trying to fight against the ANDSF in some provinces, but the Afghan National Defence and Security Forces, especially the army commandos, have been able to defeat them,” he said. “Afghanistan is not a shelter for terrorists and the ANDSF will not allow them to make our country their safe-haven.”

In his speech, Gen. Murad Ali also addressed the bravery and sacrifices of the ANDSF members. The General said that people of Afghanistan at all levels, including the Parliamentarians and the leadership at the Ministry of Defence, are grateful for their service. “Not long ago, we dreamed to have a commando force and a capable Air Force,” he added. “Fortunately today with the help of the International Community, we have them both. I thank the IC for their commitment in training and equipping our ANDSF.”

Afghans in urban and remote areas deserve protection from the enemies of peace; it is the ANDSF that provides them security.

In his address to the graduates, Major General Abdul Karim, Commander of the Afghan National Army Commandos and Special Operation Command, reminded them of the importance of their duties. “You should provide security for the children of our country to be able to go to school, for the doctors to go to the remote area to cure the ill people and for the farmers to go to their farmlands,” he explained. “We have to provide security for them to have a safe Afghanistan now and to develop it for the future.”

Sayed Khan, a graduate commando, was proud and excited to serve his nation. “We will not allow insurgents to succeed in their vicious acts of violence. We are trained and fully equipped with modern weapons to fight against them,” Sayed Khan said. “We will search and target the enemies of peace anywhere in the country, and will not allow them to harm our innocent people.” commando-2

Another proud graduate, Omid, is ready to join his brothers in the ANDSF and said that Afghanistan is our country and we must protect it. “We will protect our people and defend our country against the insurgents. It is our duty to maintain peace and provide security to our people,” he added. “Terrorism has no place in Afghanistan, and we will fight till the last terrorist in our country is eliminated.”