Thu, Oct

Minister of Mines and Prtoleum meets AMU members


mom-minister-meet-amu-membersIn a meeting with the president and members of the Afghanistan Marble Union (AMU), the Minister of Mines and Petroleum His Excellency Dr. Daud Shah Saba emphasized on the Ministry of Mines and Petroleum (MoMP) support of marble industry, and the struggle of this ministry for Self-sufficiency of this industry as well.

At the meeting, the members of the AMU discussed the provision of the facilities for the extension of contracts, support of local stones, issuing the proper custom tariffs on importing of stones, and conducting efforts to prevent the illegal exporting of construction stones. They also demanded MoMP consideration in these cases.

In response to the proposals of AMU, the Minister of Mines and Petroleum promised to create a policy for marble and construction stones to facilitate the investment and to sustain the local productions. He also emphasized on the development of proper procedures to facilitate the contracting and its extension as well.

The Minister of Mines and Petroleum also highlighted the steps taken by MoMP to support the local marbles, and to issue the proper custom tariffs by the government of Afghanistan on importing of foreign marble. He also supported the local stones in the competition with foreign ones.