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700 ANA Officers graduated from KMTC


graduation-from-kmtc-1In a recent ceremony, 700 Afghan National Army officers graduated from Kabul Military Training Centre (KMTC). These officers received tactical military training in the fields of engineering, radio communications, and infantry for eight months.

Lt. General Murad Ali Murad the Previous Deputy Chief of Staff at the Ministry of Defense said that since last year the ANDSF independently lead and implemented security operations in the country. “Th

ere is no legitimate reason for insurgents to stand against the government and commit suicide attacks on civilians,” he added. “Our government continues to improve and expand the security forces.”

ANA is highly capable and can independently defend their country. Brigadier General Aminullah Patyanai, Commander of the KMTC, emphasized and said: “It is easy to become an officer but being a real officer, is a difficult task. You have a great responsibility to handle leadership in your units and as long as you serve in the army, your professional training will be useful.”

Second Lieutenant Mohammad Muslim Ahmadzai, one of the graduates expressed his pride for the service of the nation. “Today I am very happy to graduate from Officer Graduate School. I am proud to be a member of ANA,” he continued. “I want to tell all the enemies of Afghanistan to join the peace process. The strong and well-trained ANA will not allow the enemies of peace to disturb security in our country.” graduation-from-kmtc-2

Second Lieutenant Mohammad Esah, another graduate said in his speech that we are right because we are fighting to protect our people and country. “The insurgents are wrong because they are fighting against a legitimate government, and they are killing innocent people,” he said. “We invite insurgents to peace and there is no way for them to fight against us. The ANA is strong and well-equipped with modern weapons. The insurgents are not in a position to fight against us; we will defeat them,” he finished his speech proudly shouting, “Long live Afghanistan.”