Thu, Oct

Badar Operation in Zabul and Ghazni


ana-operation-in-zabul-1The ANDSF have begun another operation, this time in Zabul and Ghazni provinces, delivering their commitment to defend the country and protect the people from the enemies of peace.

Operation Badar is a day and night ANDSF offensive to clear out and evict the insurgents from their hiding places, bringing peace and stability back to the areas.

The ANDSF timely decision to launch the coordinated operation was based on the reports and analysis, which resulted in disabling more than hundreds of active insurgents in Zabul and Ghazni provinces.

Lieutenant Colonel Mohammad Mohsin Sultani, spokesmen for 205th Hero Corps, explained the operation was a comprehensive, coordinated effort to remove insurgents from the two provinces. “ANDSF conducting an operation for the people of both Zabul and Ghazni. So far we have removed more than a hundred insurgents from conducting their terrorist activities and arrested many more,” Lt Col Sultani said. “The people should have no doubt that their ANDSF will not save any breath in the execution of their duties.”

Lt Col Sultani also said the ANDSF seized explosives, weapons and other equipment including a number of mines, motorbikes, and several rockets.

Although the ANDSF greatly damaged the insurgents’ ability to conduct terror, however, the ANDSF are thankful of the local people for providing extensive support, cooperation and crucial information. ana-operation-in-zabul-3

Zainullah, a Zabul resident, said the people of the province had enough of the Taliban’s intimidation, restricting school children from getting an education and farmers from tending their farms. “Taliban forcefully bring innocent passengers from Kabul-Kandahar highway to the villages. I saw many innocent and simple people that the Taliban killed because they only suspected they worked for the government or the ANDSF,” Zainullah said. “They killed those people without any reason.” Karimdad, another resident of Zabul province, asked for more ANDSF to be stationed in the province. “W

e will always help the ANDSF, especially during operations, and now we want them remain here in Zabul to keep the Taliban and their murderous acts away,” he said.

The ANDSF is carefully coordinating their operations to prevent civilian casualties and will continue protecting the people of Zabul and Ghazni against the intimidation and violence perpetrated by those who stand against peace, stability and development.