Tue, Oct

McCain assures Afghanistan of US sustained support


US Senator Johan McCain on Saturday reiterated his country sustained support and cooperation with the government and Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF).

McCain, chairman of the US senate armed services committee, called on Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Abdullah Abdullah in Kabul, a statement from the Sapidar Palace said.

Abdullah praised McCain and termed his guest among the good friends of Afghanistan. He expressed gratitude for US long-term commitment.

Both the dignitaries discussed range of issues, including CEO political, military and economic situation. They underlined enhanced cooperation between the two armed forces.

In addition, issues pertaining to recent developments, fighting corruption, good governance, counter-terrorism and measures as to how prevent Islamic State (IS) group were among other issues that came under discussion.

“Afghanistan and the country’s armed forces are fighting leading the fight against terror as if it representing the entire world against. Continuation of this fight requires further joint cooperation between Afghanistan and its international friends,” the CEO added.

The American senator assured of his country all out cooperation. “We want stern campaign to defeat terrorism and promise to fight terrorism shoulder to shoulder.”