Thu, Oct

US Pak reaffirmed their desire for peace and reconciliation in Afghanistan


AF-US-PakAhead of the next round of talks between the Taliban and the Afghan Government, the United States and Pakistan on Tuesday reaffirmed their shared desire for achieving lasting peace and reconciliation in Afghanistan.

Pakistan and China show their interest to be ‘guarantors’ for peace deal between the Afghan government and the Afghan Taliban.

Pakistan, in the presence of United States and China, hosted direct peace talks between Afghan officials and Taliban representatives last month.

The second round of the peace talks is scheduled next week but the location has not been confirmed so far.

Afghanistan, particularly the peace and reconciliation efforts was one of the major topics of discussion when US National Security Advisor, Susan Rice, met Tariq Fatemi, Special Assistant to Pak Prime Minister on Foreign Affairs, at the White House.

The two officials “reaffirmed” their shared desire for “continued close coordination” to realize peace and reconciliation in Afghanistan, the Pak Embassy here said in a statement. Fatemi is currently on an official visit to the United States and is meeting senior Administration officials and members of the Congress.

During the meeting Fatemi and Rice reviewed the current state of Pak-US bilateral relations and expressed their full satisfaction at the positive trajectory of the relationship. They also discussed the evolving regional scenario and how the two countries could cooperate to achieve their shared goals, the official statement said.

“Rice particularly appreciated Pakistan's positive approach and outreach to its neighbors as part of the Prime Minister's vision of a peaceful neighborhood. This, she noted, would go a long way in achieving enduring peace and stability in the region,” the statement said.

Acknowledging Pakistan's immense sacrifices in the war against terrorism, Rice appreciated its commitment to eliminate this menace. In this context, Rice expressed the United States' unremitting support for accelerated regional economic development through enhanced cooperation between the countries of South Asia.

While recognizing the significance of continued high-level engagements between the two countries, both sides agreed to work closely to sustain and further build the momentum in high level exchanges to further solidify mutual trust and confidence between the two countries.