Mon, Oct

USAID Director meets Minister of Mines and Petroleum


The Minister of Mines and Petroleum Dr. Daud Shah Saba in his office  had a meeting with the Director of USAID in Afghanistan William Hammink.

The Deputy Minister of Mineral Management Eng. Abdul Quddos Hamidi and Senior Resident Legal Officer for USAID, John Cardenas were also attended the meeting.

The Minister of Mines and Petroleum appreciated the support and cooperation of USAID  to MoMP and called for the continuation of their cooperation in the future.

 “Ministry of Mines is one of key Ministry in the country and the people of Afghanistan is expecting a good future through the work of MoMP, therefore I want to make this hope a reality through effective programs”, said the Minister of Mines and Petroleum.

Dr. Saba highlighted the future programs of the Ministry of Mines and Petroleum regarding the Aynak Copper, Shererghan-Mazar gas pipeline and reviewing the previously signed contracts.

The Minister of Mines and Petroleum added that we hope Afghanistan had the economic self-sufficiency through capacity building reforms, policies and new plans for mining affairs in Afghanistan.

 “A series of capacity building programs and training have done by MIDAS and other USAID programs that I appreciate it”, added the Minister.

Mr. Hammink said that they will continue supporting of MoMP in addressing of its needs, and we will identify the problems and will cooperate the MoMP to solve its problems.

We will analyze the MoMP problems in a framework and we will seek to understand the needs of the Ministry of Mines and Petroleum to cooperate in solving the problems.