Thu, Oct

Test computerised ID cards’ distribution on 19th


electronic-idThe Chief Executive Officer (CEO)’s office on Monday said the distribution of computerised national identity cards would begin in two weeks.

The distribution of electronic ID cards was earlier scheduled to begin before last year’s presidential election, but it had to be delayed for some reasons.

The distribution of ID cards is a joint project of the ministries of interior and telecommunications and information technology. A contract for the project had been signed five years ago.

Mujibur Rahman Rahimi, spokesman for CEO Abdullah Abdullah’s office, announced that the distribution of computerised ID Cards would begin in two weeks.

He told reporters the ministries concerned had submitted their plans to the Council of Ministers with regard to the distribution of new ID cards.

Rahimi said the Council of Ministers on Monday decided to launch a test distribution process on Aug, 19. The Ministry of Interior (MoI) would be responsible for the process.

He said as many as 369 ID cards would be issued in the initial stage before expanding the process nationwide in the second stage.

The CEO office spokesman lamented the absence of computerised ID in past last elections, but said coming elections would be conducted with the new computerised cards which would help prevent rigging.