Thu, Oct

194 ANP Recruits Graduate From Training in Kabul


anp-swearingA ceremony at the Police Higher Education Institute of Kabul celebrated the graduation of 194 new Afghan National Police (ANP) officers on Wednesday.

The ANP are considered a crucial piece of the Afghan government's strategy for combating insurgent and terrorist groups, which have proven a difficult challenge for the Afghan forces in the wake of the NATO combat mission's end in December, 2014.

General Mashooq Ahmad Selab, the head of Police Training and Education at the Institute, emphasized that the police must be cultivate good relations with local communities and must act independently.

"Police implement law and bring order in society, therefore, police must be impartial," Gen. Saleb said. "Those who are impartial and professional have a reputation and respect among people," he continued.

Minister of Interior Affairs Nur-ul Haq Ulumi also spoke to the graduates and echoed Gen. Saleb. He said that the education the graduates have received will allow them to serve the people of Afghanistan.

"This knowledge paves the way to know how to serve the people," he said. "Soldiers must use their learning and save the people from terrorists."

At the end of the ceremony, Ulumi met with graduates for private consultations and visited the Institute's classrooms.