Tue, Oct

Program Steering Committee forum of ESSP held in MoMP


commetee-forumThe forum for Program Steering Committee of the Extractive Sector Support Program (ESSP) took place in the conference hall of the Ministry of Mines and Petroleum (MoMP), which attended by Deputy Minister of Policy and Program Mir Ahmad Javid Sadaat, Deputy Minister of Mineral Management Eng. Abdul Quddos Hamidi, Deputy Minister of Admin and Finance Eng. Mohammad Ibrahim Azhar, a number of MoMP’s Directors, DFID team leader Clair Innes, DFID Program Manager Su King, ESSP Senior Manger Tom Mills, Deputy Team Leader Dr. Ahmad Javid Ahmadi, and ESSP Legal Advisor Mohammad Fahim Hashimi.

In the beginning, Javid Sadaat appreciated the Adam Smith for supporting the Extractive Sector Support Program and highlighted the goals of the ESSP.

“The leadership of MoMP is trying to improve the capacity of the ministry and is thankful of the work of Adam Smith”, Sadaat added.

Tom Mills, in a presentation highlighted ESSP activities and achievements in the last three months.

“We will have continuous contacts to stockholders engaging in this program, and will use their points of view in the improvement of the program”, added Tom.

Dr. Ahmadi talked about the work of this program and said the IGF selected as the base for EIDF, and its translation has been completed. The list of goals currently being defined by MoMP and composed after the advises with the relevant directorates.

“Thirty five job descriptions for the proposed CBR positions were revised and submitted to the Independent Administrative Reform and Civil Sevice Commission (IARCSC)”, Ahmadi added.

Legal Advisor Mr. Hashimi highlighted the legal promotions and said the new Mineral Law has been reviewed and work is in progress on articles to be amended. He said the Technical Mining Regulation also has been reviewed.

In the end, Javid Sadaat said: alongside the development of minerals, MoMP also focused on the development of hydrocarbons to use the gas in power generation.