Sat, Oct

Religious scholars declare ongoing conflict against Islam


Supreme council of religious leaders denounced the ongoing violence and said that continued war was against the principles of Islam, a statement from the Presidential Palace stated on Friday.

Maulvi Ghulam Rabbani Rahmani, a member of the council of clerics, addressing a gathering at the President Palace, strongly condemned the killings of innocent women and children in recent attacks in Kabul.

The recent barbaric attacks on civilians were against Islamic law and clear violation of human rights, he said in a statement from the Presidential Palace. He urged security forces should bring the culprits to justice.

Islamic law has been implemented in the country and Afghanistan law has been completely in accordance with Islamic law. The statement said that “around 99.9 percent Afghans are Muslims so how can Jihad decree be issued against Muslims. Issuing decree against Muslims is huge conspiracy against Muslims.”

The supreme Council of clerics denounced and the Taliban announcement of extending war and fighting and called the act as against the teachings of Islam.

The Supreme Council asked militants to avoid killings of innocent civilians and Muslim brothers and join the peace process to mitigate the miseries of Afghans. The recent attacks made it clear that others have been fomenting the war inside Afghanistan.