Thu, Oct

Rula underlines media role against drug addiction


First Lady Rula Ghani on Sunday underlined the need that the government and media should join hands to create awareness against drug addiction.

Rula Ghani suggested that masses should be informed about adverse affect of drug use through media. “Media play important role in all aspects of life. Media should introduce television plays, discussions and several other forms against drug,” she added.

Counternarcotics Minister Ms Salamat Azimi said: “Media is one of the basic and effective tools in creating awareness and changing mind set. Development projects, without effective use of media, are impossible at both village and national level.”

Poverty and lack of awareness were among main causes of increasing number of drug addicts in the country, she added.

According to media reports, over three million people are drug addicted in Afghanistan. “Media is the language of society hence it should play a role to create awareness in this regard,” she remarked.

Education Minister Assadullah Hanif Balkhi emphasized media role. Awareness against adverse effects of drug had been incorporated in curriculum and education ministry would also increase TV programs, he explained.

Minister of Hajj and Religious Affairs Faiz Mohammad Usmani said: “Media is the eyes of society and eyes have special importance in human body therefore every one of us wants media should play role to discourage the trend of drug addiction.”

Around 150,000 mosques had been registered with the Ministry of Hajj and Religious Affairs throughout the country which could be used alongside media against drug addiction, he mentioned.