Tue, Oct

Kabul City Development Plan Discussed


P Palace

President Ashraf Ghani chaired a meeting on Monday in the Presidential Palace to discuss the development plan for the city of Kabul.

In the meeting attended by representatives from entities involved in the development plan, President Ghani raised for discussion some 21 cases deemed fundamental for the future of Kabul city.Describing as important the role of the private sector, President Ghani called for a public private partnership in any infrastructure development including that of the Kabul city. He further added that the Kabul city boundaries should be identified and legal issues concerning planned and unplanned residential properties need to be addressed.President Ghani stressed that for an urban development effort to be effective, there are essential elements that must be considered. Some of the key pre and post urban development elements the President highlighted included proper city transport system, a sewage system, measures to avoid water and air pollution, proper use of high hills, greenery, house construction, moving government offices out of urban centers, integrating and mixing population, standardizing construction affairs, reviving historical areas, normalizing land prices and rent rates, promoting the principle of ownership feeling, proper service provision against taxes, promoting the culture of tax paying, increasing educational and academic opportunities, environmental protection, and public participation in development efforts particularly women and the poor.The President added that in order to ensure a sustainable development, the plan should be divided into short, mid and long term development programs.Referring to the current overpopulation in Kabul, President Ghani urged that one way to manage the menace was to provide proper and basic living facilities in the adjacent provinces so people could be encouraged to turn back out.In conclusion, the President instructed that a practical development plan be prepared for Kabul and presented to the office of the President.The meeting was attended by Ministers and Deputy Ministers for Urban Development, Public Works and Transport, Acting Mayor of Kabul Municipality, Commander for Kabul Garrison, former Director General NDS Amrullah Saleh, and a number of other government officials.