Wed, Oct

President Ghani: We Are in a Sensitive Situation, But On Right Direction



President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani had a farewell meeting this morning with the outgoing Swedish Ambassador to Afghanistan, Mr. Peter Semneby.

In the meeting that took place in ARG, President Ghani thanked the government and people of Sweden for their commitments, assistance and cooperation with Afghanistan in different sectors. The President said that the National Unity Government has renewed relations with the regional and global states over the last ten months and remains dedicated to fulfilling its commitments towards the international community.Discussing the importance of national economic projects, the President touched on the property registry project Kabul City and the Salma Dam Project in Herat. He expressed hope that the residents of Herat have access to 24-hour electricity within the next six months thanks to the completion of this hydroelectric dam project.The President also said that he has focused much of his time and efforts on security matters over the last few months. He stated that the National Security and Defense Forces of Afghanistan have foiled the enemies’ plan to capture and hold territory, and the enemy, facing defeat on the battlefield, has resorted to targeting civilians in terrorist attacks in population centers in order to distract attention from their defeat on the frontlines.Touching on the recent developments in the country, President Ghani said that the peace talks would proceed within an Afghan-owned and Afghan-led process.With regards to Afghanistan’s relations with Pakistan, President Ghani said that Pakistan should have an understanding of the situation in Afghanistan and use the same definition of terrorism with regards to Afghanistan as it does domestically. The President said that the region and the world are in agreement with Afghanistan on our fight against terrorism, especially on the links between terrorism and criminal economy.With regards to Afghanistan’s priorities concerning Swedish assistance, the President said that Sweden, as a peace-loving country, can present to Afghanistan plans on the peace process and reintegration as well as improving the education system and the condition of the women, children and the poor.The President said that we are in a sensitive situation, but we move on the right direction and that we have the people of Afghanistan with us.The outgoing Swedish Ambassador to Afghanistan, Mr. Peter Semneby, expressed pleasure to have served as the Ambassador of Sweden in Afghanistan and hoped that he would utilize his experiences in other areas in Afghanistan in the future.