Tue, Oct

US company manufacturing 2,293 trucks for Afghan forces


A $369 million contract has been awarded to a leading American company to manufacture 2,293 medium tactical vehicles (MTVs) for the Afghan National Security Force's (ANSF).

Under the contract, production would begin immediately, with deliveries beginning next year and concluding in 2019, the Navistar Defense announced on Thursday.

Kevin Thomas, the company president, said in a statement: "We are honoured to continue supporting the efforts of the ANSF mission to provide security and rebuilding in their country."
In a statement, Navistar Defense will provide general troop transport vehicles, water and fuel tankers, ammunition trucks, wreckers and trucks with armored cabs.

Ordered by the US Army Contracting Command, the MTVs will be based on the International WorkStar/7000-MV severe service vocational truck platform. The contractor’s facilities in Springfield and West Point will manufacture the vehicles.