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MRRD Reveals Achievements of three Quarters


mrrd-minister-eng-nasir-duraniTaking into account the resolution, ratified by the cabinet of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Minister Nasir Ahmad Durrani, the Minister of Rural Rehabilitation and Development revealed today the expenditure of 60 per cent of its development budget and the activities of the MRRD carried out during last three quarters of current fiscal year.

Addressing the Press Conference held at the Government Media and Information Center (GMIC) Minister Durrani said,” As of the Jadi month of last solar year, the Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development could manage to sign the contracts of 3791 public utility projects with the representatives of Community Development Councils (CDCs) and Private Companies worth of USD 113,293,259. The contracts for the projects have signed in the sectors of water supply and sanitation (926 projects), irrigation (1306 projects), capacity building (13 projects), community centers (298 projects), electricity (152 projects), transportation (1042 projects), education (40 projects), public buildings, health (9 projects), livelihood and agriculture.”

Over the last nine months, he said the Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development has implemented 9858 development projects at a sum of USD 232 million and 828 thousand in the following sectors:
Water Supply: 2666 Projects
Irrigation: 2340 Projects
Transportation: 3022 Projects
Capacity Building: 6 Projects
Community Centers: 1080 Projects
Electricity: 396 Projects
Education: 396 Projects
Health: 23 Projects
Livelihood: 16 Projects
Public Buildings: 2 Projects

“Similarly, out of its USD 389 million development budget, the Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development has been able to disburse 60 per cent.” Minister Durrani added.

In order to struggle with financial corruption and address the problems of visitors with great ease, Public Relations Department has been established inside the MRRD. The old attendance sheet system is modernized and a soft copy of the signed contracts is uploaded to the ministry’s official website.

Also he said that the Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development plans to achieve the following in the future:
Integration of the rest six parallel functions of the national programs with the relevant departments of the Ministry.
Implementation of Citizen’s Charter.
Financial review of 31 Facilitating Partners (FPs)
Completion of financial review of three phases of NSP
Implementation of CBR process
Visiting 34 provinces of the country
Increasing the level of monitoring from the implementation of projects throughout the districts of the country
Finalizing the documents for the maintenance of approximately 4500 projects
Submission of 2 thousand CDCs from FPs by the provincial offices of the National Solidarity Program
Successfully completion of the survey for 90 irrigation networks (IFAF project).
Integration of Facilitating Partner’s contracts from 95 contracts to 28 contracts.
It is to be noted that the Minister of Rural Rehabilitation and Development also described in detail the achievements of his ministry made in last nine months. At the end, Minister Durrani responded the questions raised by the journalists.