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At the care of capable air medics


The Afghan flight medics are playing a vital role in evacuating the Afghan National Defence and Security Force’s (ANDSF) wounded soldiers from the battlefields and delivering them to care and safety provided by regional military health facilities.

The Afghan flight medics receive their medical training through the Afghan National Army (ANA) Medical Hospital. In addition, the Train, Advise and Assist Command – Air (TAAC-Air) advisers provide further instruction and new techniques to hone their skills.

The (TAAC-Air) advisers are hosting weekly training for the Afghan flight medics with the assistance of U.S. Air Force Aeromedical Evacuation (AE) unit.

Training for Afghan Air Force flight medics is a constant priority. The medics undergo a two-day air evacuation training every week for the staff of the airport clinic. In addition there are currently 42 Afghan flight medics personnel currently training in India."

The Afghan Flight Medics are equipped with a fleet of aircraft that enables immediate and effective support to the ANDSF operations throughout Afghanistan.

Colonel Abdul Rassoul Mayel Laghmani, a medical doctor and the Head of the Afghan National Army Air Medics, said, "Previously, we had two helicopters to evacuate wounded soldiers. Now we have ten helicopters and serving in emergency cases. We also employ other helicopters and fixed wing aircraft such as the AC-130, with a capacity for 30 patients, MI-17s for 12 patients and C-208 plane for four patients."


In an interview with Sada e Azadi Magazine, Colonel Mayel Laghmani said, "We are not only evacuating the ANA but also the other ANDSF wounded as well as civilians," he continued. For an example, we recently rescued civilians, trapped in a flooded area in Sorubi district." The Afghan Flight Medics value their constant contacts with the ANA regional Corps. "We have good coordination with the ANA Regional Corps, and we are in touch with the Regional Command and Control Centres 24 hour, 7 days per week," Colonel Mayel Laghmani said. "There is also good cooperation with Resolute Support (RS) in terms of advice, training, equipment and aircraft maintenance."

1st Lieutenant Zabiullah, one of the ANA flight medic nurses was trained by the national and international trainers in Kabul and India. "Besides the training we are also supplied with modern air evacuation equipment and medicine," Laghmani explains. "We can evacuate wounded patients from the battlefield and transport them to the hospitals in the capital and the provinces at any time."