Thu, Oct

President Ghani: Peace is the basic need of the people of Afghanistan


president-Ghani-4Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan received this evening the elders and influential personalities of Ishaqzai tribe in ARG.

 At the beginning of the meeting, Haji Abdul Rahim Khan, Hajji Aref Khan, Wakil Dadullah Qanei, Mudir Abdul Ghaffar, Dr. Hafizullah and
 Dr. Shah Wali spoke on behalf of others as they presented their issues and recommendations to the President. After listening to them, the President asked that their issues be noted down so that the right ways are sought to address them.

 The President underscored that peace is the basic need of people and we need your cooperation to reach that goal. He added that they share with him their discontents that have come about as a result of injustice so that measures are taken to address them.

 Touching on the extension of Turkmenistan gas via Afghanistan, the President added that with the launching of the project, the groundwork for employment and building of the country would be laid.

 The President commended their broad participation in the last presidential elections and thanked them for their firm support for the
 government and National Security and Defense Forces.