Thu, Oct

Daikundi growers happy with soaring almond prices


DaikondiThis year almond prices have incased in central Daikundi province, with farmers earning 1.05 billion afghanis from its sales and exports to India, an official said on Saturday.

In 2014, the revenue from 7,700 tonnes of almond was nearly 770 million afs but this year it soared to 1.05 billion afs from 7,000 tonnes. The almond price per kg rose this year from 100 afs to 150 afs, Director of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock Mihdi Mowahidi told Pajhwok Afghan News.

The price of almond spiked due to low production and exports to India for the first time, he said, adding there are Kafmal, Kaghazi, Starbai and Sangak varieties of almond in Daikundi. Kafmal variety is the best quality.

His 100-tree forest yielded nearly 4.9 tonnes of almond and the income could meet financial needs of his family for a year, said a resident of Shahristan district, Mohammad Hassan.

He was happy over the proper market for the produce, saying this year they faced irrigation water scarcity. The government should pay attention to the issue, he added.

Most of the people of the province are reliant on agriculture products, especially almond. If the yield falls, farmers will suffer losses, according to a member of the provincial council, Hadi Rahimizada.