Thu, Oct

NPC approves 45 contracts, claims saving 83m afs


npcThe National Procurement Commission (NPC) has approved 45 project contracts valued 5.257 billion afghanis, the Presidential Palace said on Sunday.

At the meeting presided over by President Ashraf Ghani on Saturday evening, a total of 51 contracts were discussed, the palace said in a statement.

Of them, 45 contracts worth 5.257 billion afs were approved and the rest postponed for the next session, the statement said.
The contracts approved concerned buildings, logistics and fuel for Afghan National Army (ANA) and Afghan National Police (ANP), hostel in Zabul and projects of National Solidarity Programmes (NSP), the statement said.

Called for accelerating the process of contracts and savings in different deals, the president directed municipality officials to take necessary measures for evaluation of procurement-related capacity, changes and reforms in the department, the statement said.
The statement said up to 83 million afs were saved in the approved contracts for the defense and interior ministries.
Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, the ministers of justice, commerce, finance and other members of the commission participated in the gathering.