Thu, Oct

President Ghani: ground for sound competition to be paved in commercial activities


President-Ghani-3Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, received a number of investors and businessmen of the country yesterday evening in ARG.

At the beginning of the meeting, deputy chairperson of Afghanistan chamber of commerce and industries Khan Jan Alokozai, and a number of other businessmen spoke on behalf of others, and presented their problems and recommendations to the President.

In his remarks, President Ghani asked the businessmen and investors to present their problems and recommendations in a clear framework to the office of the President so that necessary decisions are taken in light of them. The President also directed in this meeting the leadership of the ministry of commerce to prepare their second 100-day action plan so that the right solutions are sought for the problems of the business and investing community in the country.

The President said that the economic policy of the government of Afghanistan is to transform Afghanistan from an importer to an exporting country. The President highlighted that ground for sound competition be paved in commercial activities so that the necessary transparency is created in this area. The President underscored the formation of the high economic council, and said that this council will discuss the main economic issues of the country in the weeks ahead. He said that the businessmen and investors can, on rotational basis, obtain membership of this council.

The President said that in the coming winter, our focus will be on economic issues and efforts will be made to provide further facilities for the investors, and improve the business environment in the country.

The President said that all the companies should be classified according to their working capacity and that necessary standards get considered in all contracts.

The President underscored the importance of Lapis Lazuli Corridor, and said that this route is one of the major commercial ways through which approximately 70 percent of the country’s imports will take place.

He added that talks have been held with our neighbor, Iran, on security, commercial, refugees and counter-narcotics issues and those talks can have a major impact on the improvement of the country’s economy.