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President Ghani: Appointing individuals by pressure is neither acceptable to me nor to the people of Afghanistan


president-ghani-in-meetingMohammad Ashraf Ghani, President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, spoke this morning via video teleconference from Tawheed Center in ARG with the governors, police chiefs, national security directors and commanders of the 205th Atal Army Corps about the situation of governance and security in those provinces.

The governor of Kandahar briefed the President on his recent activities and accomplishments which have uplifted trust in the government, and touched on the problems concerning construction of government offices and schools in the districts; he proposed that the allocation of Kandahar in the development budget is increased.

The governor of Zabul province proposed that tasks get differentiated so as to avoid overlapping functions and duplication of work, and added that special attention is focused on the development budget of the province.

The governor of Uruzgan mentioned that we are in contact with the people to identify the problems and improve services and that after collecting and consolidating their views we will share them with the relevant authorities. He proposed further improvement in higher education and underscored the importance of exercising meritocracy is in the province. 

He suggested that the authorities and representatives of the sectoral ministries travel to the province for further strengthening of ties between the government and people.

The governor of Daikondi said that the security situation is good in the province though certain groups pressure the local authorities through different channels and hamper their work. He said that winter is approaching as he called attention to the condition of the highways and airport in the province and proposed that foodstuff is stored in advance so that in case of any contingencies during winter precipitations, the people of the province do not face shortage of food.

After listening to them, Mohammad Ashraf Ghani thanked them all for working under difficult conditions and directed them to appreciate those employees who work hard and sincerely.

The President directed the security authorities of Kabul and the provinces to assess the existing threats in their provinces and prepare exact reports to the office of the President.

President Ghani urged more coordination, especially from the district level to the army corps, in order to prevent the enemy’s threats and efficiently utilize the available resources.

Addressing the security sector ministers and governors, the President said that appointing individuals by pressure is neither acceptable to me nor to the people of Afghanistan. He said to the ministers to dismiss whoever neglects duty and fails to work sincerely, and appoint in their steads qualified and honest people.

The President said that our focus in the second 100 day-action plans, as promised, would be on the provinces; he tasked the governors and independent directorate of local governance to prepare standards based on the conditions of each province and submit them to the office of the President.

President Ghani said that more attention will be dedicated to the districts in the coming year’s budget. He asked the governors to prepare and present to the office of the President information on the infrastructure projects that have been put off in their provinces so that these vital projects resume their work as soon as possible.

The President said that there will be increased and regular interactions with the provinces and underscored the role of the governors in reflecting people’s views from the ground and strengthening ties between people and government.