Sat, Oct

Provincial officials won’t be allowed to stay in Kabul: Ghani


president-Ghani-4President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani has said he would not allow provincial officials to stay in Kabul even for a single day without cogent reasons.

Speaking to governors through a video conference, Ghani said on Friday the focus of the government’s second 100-day plan would be on provinces.
He thanked the governors for their efforts to ensure stability, strengthening governance and rendering services to the people.

He studied the governors’ 100-days plans and expressed satisfaction with their efforts to coordinate affairs, establish strong links with the masses and monitor services.

The president suggested at a time five governors should visit Kabul periodically to discuss their challenges with the National Security Council (NSC) and relevant ministries.

He said the Council of Ministers would seek practical steps toward resolving provincial problems. Responsibilities of each department be defined and equal attention paid to district chiefs as well.

“Even for a day, I won’t allow anybody to be in Kabul while his duty is in a province,” Ghani vowed, saying judicial organs’ independence in taking decisions was important to him.

“Without taxes no country can enjoy economic independence and from now on the international community’s assistance will be dependent on how best we collect taxes and spend them in the capital and provinces,” he added.

Ghani said the land-grab problem had been discussed in the land authority council and most of government properties had been usurped in Kabul, Balkh and Nangarhar province.

For dealing with the challenge of land grab and an efficient system of tax collections, he stressed the need for paying special attention to the provinces.