Tue, Oct

President Ghani: every individual in the country, myself included, is under the rule of law


Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, commended today a number of police officers of Kunduz province who had demonstrated especial courage and valor during antiterrorism operations by conferring upon them medals and appreciation letters.

  The President praised Emal, a Special Forces soldier, who had exhibited sincerity and dedication while performing his duty.

In the ceremony that was held in ARG this morning on the occasion, President Ghani said in the presence of a number of officials from the Ministry of Interior: I assure all the National Security and Defense Forces (ANSDF) that they have, hundred percent, my backing and support in performing their duties.

Underscoring that nobody is above the law, the President said that I should make clear that those who commit acts against the law will be punished. The President added: our people and security forces should know that in performing their lawful work, every individual in the country, myself included, is under the rule of law.

Thanking ANSDF for their hard work and sacrifices, the President said: you showed what the difference between ANSDF and the enemy is after the Kunduz incident.

The President added: the enemy pillaged but you offered protection and security; they displaced people but you helped them return; they created fear and terror but you brought stability and trust.

The officers from the Ministry of Interior who were conferred high state medals by the President are: Brigadier General Sayed Mohammad Roshan Del, Commander of Police Special Forces, Col. Mir Ahmad, Commander of Unit 333, Second Lieutenant Mohammad Sharif, commander of operations company of the Kunduz police department, Second Lieutenant Atiqullah, company commander of the support battalion of the number 3 support brigade; NCO Faisal, member of the anti-terrorism section of the anti-terrorism department and NCO Hejratullah, officer of the number 5 battalion of the number 5 public order brigade.

Also, Emal, a soldier in the response unit, who had demonstrated dedication and sincerity while performing his duty was conferred by the President an honor letter of appreciation as well as three months of bonus salary.