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Hamid Karzai foundation launched in Kabul



An education and culture foundation named after the former president of Afghanistan, Hamid Karzai, was launched in Kabul on Saturday.The Hamid Karzai Educational and Cultural Foundation will facilitate education of youth to introduce religious scholars, culturists and national figures to the world.

The ex-president and current chairman (volunteer) of the foundation, Hamid Karzai told the inaugural ceremony that the establishment of the foundation has two main purposes --facilitating youth education especially of poor and introducing academic, cultural and national figures.Education at the foundation would be provided to talented students regardless of any political affiliations, he said, adding” dear Afghan talented youths from any part of the country can approach the foundation where education facilities will be provided to them in spheres of medicine, engineering, architecture engineering, computer science and economics.”After the end of his presidency, Karzai said now he had decided to provide education services to the youth through the foundation to be operated with donations from traders and international donor agencies.The low level of education and the lack of capacity-building were factors behind backwardness of Afghanistan, he said, adding they needed three to six years to join the education caravans of the rest of the world.The foundation’s executive director, Dr. Rangin Dadfar Spanta, said the Hamid Karzai Foundation would try to facilitate talented youth free of cost in pursuing their education. “The foundation would provide education facility inside the country and outside of the country.”He said they were trying to keep the foundation out of political differences and it should be impartial one, adding that the selection of students for higher education through the foundation would not be on political, ethnic and religious lines, but on merit.“Currently India has showed willingness to provide scholarships for the foundation, we are trying to talk with the US and Canada for providing such facilities and we are trying to contact most of the world’s universities,” he said.Afghan traders had announced their support for the foundation, said head of the advisory board of national entrepreneurs, Rahmuddin Haji Agha.Meanwhile, Dunia private university and Gawhar Shad Kabul university officials declared their support for the Hamid Karzai foundation and granted 50 and 30 scholarships respectively for the foundation.