Wed, Oct

President Ghani: all districts will have proper structures in four years



Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, spoke this morning at the second national urban conference in ARG.

In the conference, the President said that in every district a complex will be built for presence of government and private sector operations and that in the next four years all the districts of the country will have proper structures thereby creating a new nucleus of cities.
The President said that according to human rights declaration having a secure property is the basic right of the citizens and the basic job of the Independent Land Authority and Independent Directorate of Local Governance is to take all the necessary measures for safety and legality of properties.Underscoring the important role of the private sector, the President said that without your cooperation, the government programs will not be implemented but the cooperation should be based on specific standards.President Ghani touched on spending capacity of the budget in the national and private institutions and said that the effectiveness of expenditure requires trust of the government and a strong monitoring role by the civil society.Underscoring the role of Ulema, Mohammad Ashraf Ghani said that mosques are points of gathering and form the foundation for civil society, and this conference should clarify the role of mosques in the organization of urban affairs. He added that mosques should turn into the main centers for commitment, sharing and participation.The President said that cities should be livable not only in terms of their physical structure but also socially and culturally.President Ghani underscored the important role of civil society in mobilization and participation of people, and classification of their problems. He said that city plans should be relevant to the lives of people and bring them convenience and happiness.Mohammad Ashraf Ghani said that we can reach self-sufficiency by way of making investments in water and agriculture and called on all citizens and government agencies to fulfill their needs from domestic products.The President pointed out that we are considering to invest in every Gozar (precinct) and delegate more responsibility to gozars so that they are linked with the villages.Concerning industrial parks, the President said that cities are engines for the economy but our cities have turned into engines that consume only and require transformation into productive engines.The President said that most of the cities of Afghanistan have transit ways and  that the region needs reliable trade and regional cooperation is one of our fundamental principles.