Mon, Oct

The draft of 1395 fiscal year budget was sent to Moshrano Jirga


meshrano-jirgaH.E. Eklil Hakimi, Minister of Finance presented the draft National budget for fiscal year 1395 to the Mishrano Jirga (Upper House of the Parliament).

8 November 2015: The Minister of Finance provided details of the budget and said, "this years budget is formulated according to government structure, scales between revenue and expenditure, project effectiveness, donor commitments, internal revenues and implementation of development projects. The national budget for 1395 is approximated around 461.8 billion Afghanis (7.3 USD) of which Af. 283.3 billion is ordinary budget and 178.5 billion Afghanis is development budget.

In order to reduce dependency on foreign assistance, the Minister suggested Afghanistan should enhance domestic revenue and strike a balance between its expenditure and income.

H.E. Minister Hakimi addressed the senators that the budget is formulated based on facts, priorities and needs of Afghanistan. Approval for the budget has been requested as soon as possible in order to allow timely implementation of development projects and in order to avoid potential barriers and suspension.