Tue, Oct

Individually interfering prosecutable, Ghani tells PCs


ghani.aPresident Ashraf Ghani on Saturday said provincial council (PC) members could not individually interfere in the affairs governors otherwise they would be prosecuted by the government.

The president said this during a joint video conference with administrative boards of provincial councils, provincial police chiefs, governors, provincial heads of National Directorate of Security (NDS).

The president insisted that government’s writ in restive districts should be strengthened and incidents of land-grabbing prevented, calling for the preparation of a list of land encroachers and measuring the size of land they had grabbed. He also stressed effective cooperation and coordination in support of security and defence forces.

 “No PC member has the right to monitor or interfere in the affairs of local officials on individual basis. If they singly interfere, they will be prosecuted,” a statement from the Presidential Palace quoted him as saying.
Ghani also instructed the Independent Election Commission to conduct transparent elections for the administrative boards of provincial councils on Sunday, the statement added.

“We will not let anybody interfere in PC elections and internal elections of PCs and the governors are responsible to facilitate free and fair elections and security personnel have to maintain security for them,” Ghani added.

He said the Independent Directorate of Local Governance (IDLG) was responsible to finalise amended policies on financial freedom of PCs, and local governance.

He said construction works on 15 PCs buildings had been completed and were underway on six buildings and they would try to complete buildings for the rest of provincial councils soon.

They have also allocated budget in the next fiscal year for vehicles to transport PC members and civil employees at PCs would be separated from the governor’s office in accordance with the recruitment law.