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Answering the call of duty


recruitment-1In a ceremony in late August, a total of 1,400 soldiers and officers graduated from Kabul Military and Training Centre’s (KMTC) schools of Artillery, Armour, Law and other military courses. They will soon be commissioned in the Afghan National Army (ANA) and ready for deployment to the Regional Corps to fight against the enemies of peace and serve the nation.

At the ceremony Gen. Murad Ali Murad the Deputy Chief of Staff highlighted the modernisation of the KMTC and cutting edge training provided to the new recruits. "The ANA soldiers are now very well trained. Today the ANA soldiers are using modern technology and the Internet to learn new skills," he said. "With the skills of modern fighters they can defeat the enemies of peace on the battlefield."
"The enemies of peace are failing in every tactic they use in this war. The Afghan people will win this war." Gen. Murad Ali Murad said. "The people of Afghanistan support the success of their sons – the ANDSF."
General Aminullah Patyannai commander of KMTC addressed the graduation ceremony. "The ANA have proved their professionalism and courage on the battlefield. They were raised among the people and defend the nation against the enemies," he said. "The people of Afghanistan praise and support their sons for providing them security and defending their common home, Afghanistan." In his address, Gen. Patyannai pointed out that the insurgents have proved that they cannot fight against the brave ANDSF on the battlefield. "They use suicide attacks against the civilians to make up for their failure."
Gen. Patyannai proudly told the new graduates, "Our way is the right way because we are fighting for peace."
The new graduates are ready to be deployed to the different parts of the country to provide security for their people.
Khair Mohammad a new graduate from Sar-e Pul province said, "There is a big difference between civilian and military life." He continued, "I did not have experience in any job before I joined the ANA. However, now I am a soldier and ready to fight against the insurgents and terrorists, as well as to bring peace and stability to my people."
Another graduate, Faiz Mohammad from Laghman province said that he spent three months at the KMTC to receive military training and he is now ready. "The reason I joined the ANA was to help provide a peaceful life for our people and a bright future for our children," Faiz Mohammad said. "Our people are tired of war and we will certainly bring peace and stability to them."
He also had a message to the insurgents, "I ask the Taliban and other insurgents to lay down their weapons and join the peace process because there is no way you can win the war."
Individuals around the country are increasingly calling and joining the ANA from the recruitment centres in their provinces.
Gen. Mohammad Ibrahim Ahmadzai the ANA Recruitment Commander told Sada e Azadi that the KMTC and other regional training centres in the country are ready to accommodate the increasing number of recruits.