Tue, Oct

Afghan Policewoman Makes Her Mark In Fighting Crime


policewoman-achievmentsA policewoman in northern Baghlan province says she has been able to identify and detain 35 men suspected of various crimes during her four years of service.

Afghan Gul believes the presence of women in police ranks helps to easily identify criminals. She says women are as capable as men and urged the government to work to help promote women within the ranks.
According to her, she has undergone a number of training courses over the years, specifically in Mazar-e-Sharif, the capital of Balkh province. This includes a three-month weapons training course, self-defense classes and driving lessons.
Gul says she has had many successes over the past four years.
"I have taken part in 30 to 35 important missions and I have detained 35 men," she said.
"The work of our male counterparts gets difficult when there is no female police officer."
The northern police training center launched four years ago, with the help of German troops, has so far trained about 12,000 police security force members.
The center has also trained more than 300 policemen and women.
"It is very necessary for our country to have women in police ranks. But unfortunately the old traditional societies in Afghanistan do not allow women to take part in social activities," said Roya, a female Afghan police trainer who received her training in Turkey.