Thu, Oct

Ghani asserts his administration’s strong will to combat terror


GhaniPresident Ashraf Ghani has said development and progress would enable Afghanistan to reduce carbon production, asserting his administration’s unwavering commitment to fighting against the scourge of terrorism.

Speaking at the Climate Change Summit in Paris on Monday, the president said France, while still mourning deadly recent attacks, was hosting the important conference for a better future.On November 14, at least 160 people were killed and more than 200 others, including women and children, injured in the attack across Paris. The Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the assaults.“The Afghans, who experience terror activities of different groups on a daily basis, fully understand your pain. I have a strong will to convert Afghanistan into a graveyard of terrorists,” Ghani told the conference.“We, the people and a majority of leaders from Muslim countries, highlight Islamic values like patience and tolerance, unlike those trying to kill millions of people,” he remarked, hoping Afghanistan would find a road to peace in the darkness created by terrorist networks.Ghani called Paris summit a good opportunity to create a framework for the prevention of global warming, harmful gas emissions and strengthening the resistance of countries under threat.The value of energy policy with regard to the environment was crystal clear, but heavy cost of building the requisite infrastructure was yet to be known, he said, adding that paying attention to creativity in infrastructure development could reduce greenhouse gases.Afghanistan’s development direction caused no gas emissions, but reduced them, as well as global warming in the region, the president explained.Afghanistan had the ability to generate 316,000 megawatts of electricity from water, sun and wind, the president said, adding his country wanted to pave the ground for transferring power and natural gas from Central Asia to Southern Asia.