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Rabbani Discusses Migrant Issue, NATO Support To Afghan Troops


sallahuddin-rabbaniAfghan Foreign Minister Salahuddin Rabbani said on Sunday that the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) was committed to continuing the alliance's long-standing cooperation, technical and military support to Afghan security forces until 2020.

This comes after Rabbani attended a two-day NATO foreign ministers meeting in Brussels.
He also said that NATO hopes to expand its non-combat mission in the war-torn country.
"Agreements made to extend NATO's Resolute Support Mission for another year will also allow nearly 12,000 NATO troops to remain in Afghanistan until the end of 2016," he said.
Rabbani also highlighted the issues currently facing Afghan migrants in Europe, saying that President Ashraf Ghani raised the issue with European leaders during his trip this past week.

The statement comes a day after scores of Afghan asylum seekers took to the streets in front of the Swedish parliament to slam Ghani's recent agreement signed with the Swedish government over the deportation of failed asylum seekers.
"Government has been clear in its stance and that is to be accountable towards its citizens in any circumstances and support them. This was discussed in all four countries where the president travelled," he added.

"President of Afghanistan held detailed talks with European leaders about the future of Afghans living in European countries and stressed that the applications of the Afghan asylum seekers must be taken into consideration as per prevailing laws of the countries and rights of the migrants," Sayed Zafar Hashemi, a deputy presidential spokesman said on Sunday.