Sat, Oct

Afghan Leads Red Cross Red Crescent Summit


afghan-red-crossThe 32nd international conference of the International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies - under the name of "Power of Humanity" - currently being held in Geneva saw the head of the Afghan Red Crescent selected as chairperson of the summit.

The conference, which started on Tuesday and ends Thursday, is being attended by representatives from over 180 countries along with delegates from non-government agencies, civil society and international humanitarian organizations.

At the opening ceremony of the conference Fatima Gilani, the head of the Afghan Red Cross, spoke about the importance of the organization's neutrality and thanked Afghanistan for its respect and support for neutrality of the organization.

She also said that considering the current crisis in the country this is a crucial conference to map out a way forward from a humanitarian point of view.

Also Afghanistan Red Cross officials and Afghanistan government officials spoke about the humanitarian situation in Afghanistan, strengthening the rule of resolutions and commitments.

Meanwhile it is expected that eight resolutions submitted for Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Response will be approved.

In addition, Guyana, Liberia and Sierra Leone countries received special Humanitarian Awards for their voluntary contributions in response to the Ebola virus.