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EU celebrates ‘Afghan Heroes’ by launching 2016 calendar


euAfter a careful selection, the EU announced 12 winners making it into the “2016 Afghan Hero Calendar” which the EU Special Representative to Afghanistan, Ambassador Franz- Michael Mellbin, presented on Monday.

"In a country like Afghanistan where life is very demanding to many people, it is important to also focus on the good things happening,” Mellbin said in a statement issued by the EU delegation in Kabul.

He said: “the good stories are here – just like the good people. I see so many people in Afghanistan making a big difference every single day.”

He said calendar was a tribute to all of such people not just to the selected 12 people, but to all brave Afghans.

"Looking at the 12 Afghan Heroes people choose, they are all advocates of key issues that EU is passionate about. I'm therefore especially happy that people selected so many women as their Afghan Heroes for our calendar.”

he said there were also several hero's representing children and education “something very close to our heart."

The EU will continue to follow up on the Afghan Heroes campaign throughout the year, putting focus to the heroes on the social media accounts of EU in Afghanistan.

The EU Delegation to Afghanistan launched the 'Afghan Hero Campaign' on Facebook and Twitter in July 2015. The campaign encouraged the Afghan audience on social media to point out and share their Afghan Heroes.

Since then many nominations of Afghan Heroes have been put forward by people living and working in Afghanistan.