Thu, Oct

Eid-i-Milad celebrated across Afghanistan



The birth anniversary of Prophet Hazrat Mohammad (PBUH) was celebrated on Wednesday in the capital Kabul and other provinces of the country.

The Prophet of Islam, son of Hazrat Abdullah, was born on April 22, 571 (the 12th of Rabiul Awal) in the Makkah city of Saudi Arabia.Verses from the Holy Quran were recited and alms distributed to the needy, with religious scholars giving speeches on the mission and life of the last prophet.Maulvi Nasrullah Qasimi, the director of Hajj and Religious Affairs in Khost, told a gathering in the province the MuslimUmmah should follow the teachingsand mission of the prophet.“The birthday of the prophet has been celebrated for centuries by believers across the globe,” he said,adding Prophet Mohammad had steered the mankind out of ignorance to the light of Islam.“As long as we don’t follow the Islamic Sharia, Quran and Sunnah, there would be no peace, no security and no rule of law.Muslims’problems will remain unresolved,” he said.Similar ceremonies were held in all provinces, where religious scholarsthrew light on the life of Prophet Muhammad and advised people to stand united and helpeach other.