Thu, Oct

Almost 350 Drug Addicts Moved To Rehab Center


An additional 350 drug addicts were rounded up from Kabul's Pul-e-Sokhtar area, with the cooperation of security forces, and moved to a rehabilitation facility center, the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) said on Sunday in a statement.

The drug addicts were transferred by ambulances to the new treatment center on Saturday, read the statement.
The MoPH statement said that the drug addicts, who live on the streets, were mostly in a bad condition and unless moved they would face the possibility of death, especially due to the cold weather.
This comes after about 400 addicts were rounded up in Kabul last week and transferred to the new center.
Officials said the move came after President Ashraf Ghani issued an order for addicts to be placed in care.
Ghani recently ordered officials to establish a drug rehabilitation center at Camp Phoenix - which was once a military base for American troops in Afghanistan and is able to treat at least 1,000 drug addicts at a time.