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Hikmat Karzai To Represent Afghanistan In Key Meeting


president-palaceAfghan deputy foreign minister Hekmat Khalil Karzai will represent Afghanistan in the key meeting with U.S, China and Pakistan to map out the way forward for hoped for peace talks with the Taliban.

A framework going forward with regards to the peace talks is expected to be drawn up at this meeting, due to be held in Islamabad next week.

Scheduled to start Monday, the meeting between the four nations will also determine the role of the four countries in peace dialogues.

"It is expected the first key meeting will be held for the peace dialogue framework and the aim of this meeting is to determine working procedures for the start of peace dialogues," said Sayed Zafar Hashemi, the president's deputy spokesman.

Hashemi also said two areas were agreed upon at discussions on the sidelines of the Heart Of Asia summit in Islamabad late last year. He said: "The first option is peace and the second option is terror and horror. Those who choose the first option we are ready to talk with them but those who select the second option then we have already responded to them and we will respond to them in the future as well," Hashemi added.

Meanwhile Afghanistan High Peace Council (HPC) is also optimistic about the start of peace talks and said that the splinted group of the Taliban under the leadership of Mullah Rasoul had shown interest in the peace talks.

"The Taliban's splinted group under the leadership of Mullah Rasoul has announced that they are ready for peace talks. However our position is that if the opposition speaks from one address it is good and if any group is ready for peace the government is ready to talk with that group," said Shahzada Shahid HPC spokesman.

"If talks are not held with the Taliban and peace is not secured Daesh will start its attack with much intensity and not only will Afghanistan suffer but regional countries and the world will be affected by it," Shahid added.

Earlier Afghan President Ashraf Ghani said that the constitution of Afghanistan will be the focus of the talks and also Pakistan has asked for time to prove its honesty in peace talks.