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Joining the proud service


major-gen.-ibrahim-ahmadzaiThe Afghan National Army Recruitment Centre (ANAREC) conducted a seminar in late October to accelerate the intake process in support of an overwhelming interest of young Afghans willing to serve the country.

The ANAREC provincial commanders attending the seminar with their Resolute Support (RS) advisors discussed strategic and integrated recruitment campaigns.
Major General Mohammad Ibrahim Ahmadzai, the ANAREC Commander, told Sada-e Azadi that they are happy that individuals wishing to join the Afghan National Army (ANA). “We are working on new strategy with the provincial governors, tribal elders, and the local religious leaders to help accelerate the process.”
Maj. Gen. Ahmadzai added that in recent months, a number of youth, in provinces as far as Ghor, Badghis, Herat Farah, Badakhshan, Bamyan, Kunduz and Nangarhar have chosen to serve their country by joining the ANA. “They are Pashtuns, Hazaras, Uzbeks, Tajiks, Pamiris and others from different ethnicities and backgrounds,” He said. “They all have one thing in common; the courage to stand shoulder to shoulder in defence of our nation and protection of our people.”
The ANAREC centres in Kabul and in all the provinces are coordinating to facilitate better conditions and easier access to the centres so that the new recruits enjoy their initial trainings and continue their service. “Aandsf-confrencell the recruits will be accommodated in modern facilities and will have health care, daily meals, transportation and a monthly salary.” Maj. Gen. Ahmadzai added.
The ANAREC provincial commanders are happy with the influx of individuals interested in serving the country. Colonel Rahmuldin, the Commander of the ANAREC in Paktya province, said that the enthusiasm to join the ANA is unprecedented. “Afghan youths realize their responsibility towards their country and their people.” Col. Rahmuldin said. “Serving the country and the people is a proud Afghan tradition.”
A young new recruit Mohammad Sarwar from Ghazni province is proud to join the army and to serve the nation. “I am joining the ANA to defend my country and protect my people.” Mohammad Sarwar told Sada e Azadi. “I want to provide security for my people and earn a Halal income to provide for my family. I feel strong and proud.”