Sat, Oct

President seeks US help in equipping Afghan Air Force


Ashraf-Ghani-Ahmadzai-meeting-with-US-embassador-and-ISAF-commanderPresident Ashraf Ghani has said Afghanistan is in the forefront of the war against terrorism, a major threat to the region and the world at large.

Ghani made the remarks at a meeting with a US Senate delegation at the Presidential Palace in Kabul on Thursday evening, a statement from his office said.

Issues of bilateral interest, including the war on terror and America’s enhanced support for equipping the Afghan forces were discussed by the two sides.
Senator Bab Corker, head of the visiting delegation, underlined the need for America’s continues assistance to Afghanistan, according to the press release.
He also stoutly supported the national unity government’s initiatives to ensure stability and economic growth, as well as institutional reforms.

While welcoming military and economic assistance from the US, Ghani said Washington-Kabul relations were driven by common interests and threats.
The president called for greater regional and global cooperation in the campaign against terror. “We seek cooperation from the US, particularly from Congress in equipping our security forces…”
Since Afghanistan urgently needed an effective air force, Ghani said his country was looking for modern equipment, including warplanes and helicopters.